torsdag den 22. september 2011

Ode To Sweat

Boredom is the father of all creativity... No, wait, that's inspiration. Well, boredom is my inspiration at the moment then. I have nothing to do for once, and so I have elected to compose a little poem, for the first time in my life. Live and learn, right? Anyway, I'm sure most readers ages 3-8 will find it quite to their liking - everyone else, probably not. But that's what's so great about this whole blog-thing, I simply don't have to care what people think! So here, I proudly present to you:

Ode to Sweat

There's nothing like buying an item that's new
Like opening a box of freshly bought shoes
The smell of the leather, the laces and soles
You can't wait to wear them and go for a stroll
But as the time passes, the smell starts to fade
And a stench so foul spreads out from the hallway
The shoes you brought home as the proudest owner
Is now making all your guests want to throw up
My oh my, a nose full of fright
The sweat of your feet has an awful odor

Whenever you're walking and the weather's warm
And you're stuck outside with too many clothes on
It's not just your face that has sweat pouring down
But sadly, your ball sweat it has no way out
You'd pray for a spray or deodorant stick
Cause out of nowhere comes this fly looking chick
You give her a smile, but her face starts to clench
And she's in a hurry to escape your stench
My oh my, it's such a sad sight
The sweat of your balls has your underwear drenched

By now, there's a lesson I hope you have learned
That sweat from your body can make the nose burn
So shower and spray, just with one exception
When sweat from your body is mixed with sexing
The sweat of your balls and your feet is combined
With beautiful parts of a woman so fine
Creating a mixture that's worth more than gold
That you seek to keep long as your breath can hold
My oh my, what immense delight
The sweat of your sex is like sex to the nose

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